Zelda Fan Manga!!

The Dreaming v2: Volume is out, it’s on Amazon.com. I also finally found out which European company it was picked up by – actually FOUR companies. Akileos of France picked up “The Dreaming” v1 for a Jan ’07 release, while Italian publisher Counter SRL also bought it. And it turns out that there was a Spanish and the Netherlands version all along… which explains why I’d gotten fanmail in Dutch (That was a big head-scratcher…). TOKYOPOP will probably continue to sell “The Dreaming” around the world, so perhaps I should keep an eye on it. It’s nice to know that other countries have picked it up though.


My Zelda Fan Manga: On the brighter, more fun side, I’ve been waiting for the Nintendo Wii to come out over in Australia (6th Dec), so I can play The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I’ve been a long-time Zelda fan, so I decided to draw a manga to celebrate the release. Now, this was originally started as drawing practice, but because I don’t sketch much and I never draw anything that isn’t manga, I turned it into something story-based. You get to vote for what happens next though (scroll down to the bottom).

This actually starts halfway through the story, but there’s enough to know what’s going on (we’re in Zora’s Domain, folks). The story’s not based on any of the Zelda games in particular, because then you might as well play the games. It’s set in the same universe, with the same characters, and has the usual Zelda lore in it. It’s fun drawing these characters… Ruto was annoying in Ocarina of Time, but then she’s got some real personality and attitude. She also has an odd nose, which I’ve changed (into something equally odd, but at least different-looking).


Zelda - Page 1




Zelda - Page 2




Zelda - Page 3




Zelda - Page 4




Zelda - Page 5


Following four pages after these five are up here.

Vote for what happens next. This will NOT determine any plot points, but it WILL determine how the characters interact with each other (possibly with permanent consequences). The poll closed on the 9th December, 2006, and the voting results were quite clear. Option #2 was the clear winner.


  • Get all teary-eyed and emotional (12 Votes – 14%)
  • Bow his head, gallantly kiss Princess Zelda’s hand, and greet her with a gentle smile (53 Votes – 61.6%)
  • Smile in relief, pull up a chair, and slap her on the back (14 Votes – 16.3%)
  • Forget Princess Zelda!! Let’s hit on Princess Ruto!! (7 Votes – 8.1%)


I didn’t draw this manga in the usual A4 size, which made it fun and interesting. I drew it on 15cm x 10cm page (approx. half an A4), and doing it that way is FAST. WAAAAY faster than drawing a page for “The Dreaming” is, believe it or not. I thought I’d have trouble making a story flow with those page dimensions, but not at all. It makes me want to experiment with other page types. Circle? Triangle? Square? 3-triangles? I also love using dot-tones and cross-hatching. Love it!! It’s not much work compared to what I have to do for “The Dreaming”.

I gotta do something about the font too. Anyone recommend anything?