The Dreaming

“Is all that we see or seem,
But a dream within a dream?”


The Dreaming is a supernatural mystery story about a pair of identical twin sisters who arrive at their new private boarding school, only to find that it is haunted by something frightening and evil. Set in the remote Australian bush and using native myths as its inspiration, this ghost story is light on gore and aimed at anyone who enjoys an atmospheric story.

The Dreaming is a 3-book series, plus an additional short story that is available in the Collected Edition. There are no plans for any prequels/sequels as yet.


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Rated: T for Teens. Ages 13+.
Audience: There is no blood, gore or violence in the story. It is a story written largely for teenagers, but which adults can also enjoy.
Read if you like: The Others, Twilight Zone, The works of Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft.
Download: The 1st and 3rd print editions of “The Dreaming” has paper dolls included in the books. I have part1 and part2 here for download if you want them. Right-click with your mouse and press “Save As” to download them.



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Story-pic1The Story

Amber and Jeanie Malkin are 15 year-old students at Greenwich Private College, a private boarding school located in North Sydney which is connected to vast virgin bushlands. The distinguished school has a hundred-year history, and is run entirely by its vice-principal, who has a strange and inexplicable prejudice against identical twins.

After settling in and meeting their new friends, the girls learn more about the history of the school and its mysterious surrounding bushlands, which they are warned against going into. This is because, time and again, young girls from the school have wandered off into the bush, and then vanished without a trace – as if the bush swallowed them whole. It has never been explained, just accepted by those who live in fear of it.

Soon after, the twins began having idential dreams, which neither can understand the meaning of. Exactly what is the meaning of the dreams? How are the dreams connected to the history of the school? And most of all, what is the mystery behind The Dreaming?


Story-pic2Series Information

The Dreaming is a 3-book series, with an additional 20-page short story. It was published from 2004-2007 by L.A.-based publisher TOKYOPOP, and collected into a single book in November 2010 called “The Dreaming: Perfect Collection”. The Perfect Collection contains all 3 volumes, an additional 20-page short story, colour art inserts, and an interview with me.

The series was a success when released, and has since been translated into many languages, including French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Finnish, Indonesian, Japanese, Icelandic, Russian and Turkish. I even participated a week-long visit to Istanbul, Turkey to promote the series, courtesy of Turkish publisher Tudem. There is currently also a movie in the works.


Story-pic4How The Series Got Published

There is an interesting story behind the creation of The Dreaming. It was born out of a mixture of 2 stories (1 on this website); TwinSide and Block 6, a horror webcomic that once ran on Wirepop. TwinSide, ofcourse, was the successor to Twins. Both were submitted to TOKYOPOP – the second one on a whim – and when the verdict came out, I was told that they liked the art of TwinSide, but the story of Block 6. They also said they wanted something that would appeal to their target audience of teenage girls. So my then-editor suggested doing a story based on a haunted school.

Well, to say I was caught off-guard is an understatement. However, when I gave it proper thought, I realised there was potential behind this idea, and something interesting can be made out of it. The Australian Bush and haunted schools have a long and distinguished tradition in this country, and I decided I could embed some home-grown mythology into this story. I also didn’t intend it to appeal solely to teenage girls – I don’t remember ever having done anything aimed solely at a particular demographic. I decided the story will be aimed at… people who like my work.

What is important is the story anyway, as always. This time I eschewed the Block 6 element of gross-out blood and decided to concentrate on creating atmosphere; giving the story an air of dreamy mystery. As a result, I intend this to be more of a mystery with horror elements rather than a straight-out horror.