Short Story Collections

Four stories in comics-prose,
Another four in prose-only


short-ghost-stories-cpShort Ghost Stories: The Man with the Axe in his Back is a series of eight Twilight Zone-esque horror stories I originally wrote as prose fiction. I then adapted four of them into comics-prose format, leaving the remaining four in prose. However, since this is an experiment, I also put out a separate prose version alongside the illustrated version, which you can buy below.

Positive Reviews:

‘This is a good introduction to those who find reading books in comic format a challenge… There are four spine-tingling ghost stories in this collection: my favourite was the first story and the one referred to in the title.’ — Karen Dwarte, Head Librarian, Ashfield Library Gazette (Aug-Sep2016 issue)

Queenie Chan’s experimental approach to these short stories provides the reader with a new way of storytelling. Her experience as a manga artist has been displayed through a series of highly detailed illustrations that accompany the stories text, which use very minimal colour, only to emphasize the truly horrifying events. With very few texts to compare to, it makes this a truly unique and alternate reading experience.’ — Chris Daniel, Kapow! reviewer, Kapow! Comics, Cartoons, Collectables and More!

You can sample up to 50% of each story below:


The Man with the Axe in his Back

Cassie and Lassie

The Hollow Tree

Civilised People



Rated: T for Teens. Ages 13+.
Audience: There is blood, but no gore or violence in the stories. It is a story written for a teen and up audience, but it has some disturbing concepts so care should be taken about that.
Read if you like: The Others, Twilight Zone, The works of Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft.



The best of the short comic stories
I wrote and drew, from 2000-2010.


short-stories-2000-2010Queenie Chan: Short Stories 2000-2010 is a series of short manga/comics stories I drew from 2000-2010. I drew more stories than the 12 in this book, but they’re what I think of as the best of the bunch. I also won’t be working in traditional comics anymore, so this represents the only short story collection there is of my work.

Notes: Looking back, this represents much of the experimental work I did. None of them counts as “experimental” to anyone other than me – but at the time, I was actually learning how to tell stories by practising through a variety of short stories. I developed a good rhythm that I found unique to myself, even though it took me about 6 years to find it. By the time “Message to You” was done, I was firmly confident in my story telling. These stories are the reason why I recommend new comic artists to do short stories, and do nothing more than short stories for a while. It WILL help you improve, and to find your voice.

You can read all these short stories online, and you can also buy them as a collected book:



We Are the Pickwicks

Sister Holmes: The Nun in the Bar




Sleeping Chick

Portrait of a Sociopath

Message to You

The Two-Dollar Deal

Ten Years Ago Today

Keeper of the Soul

A Short Ghost Story


Rated: T for Teens. Ages 13+.
Audience: There’s nothing objectional in most of the stories, save for the ghost/horror stories, which contain concepts that may disturb younger children.



I have a short story in this collection
About “Black Jack”, the Manga that made me a creator


TheBookThatMadeMeCoverThe Book That Made Me is a series of short stories from various Australian authors/illustrators about the one book that made them into an author or artist. I drew a 10-page short story for this book, which is published by Walker Books and now available in bookstores everywhere.

Notes: This is a charity project, and all royalties are donated to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, which helps donate books to indigenous children in remote communities.








Rated: G for General. All Ages.
Audience: It’s for anyone who is interested in how various people from different disciplines got into whichever creative field of drawing/writing they are currently in. I contributed a short comics-prose story, the only one who did anything visual, it seems.

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