Fabled Kingdom Series

What if Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother isn’t her real grandmother?
What if her two true born grandmothers are both Queens – and one is good, while the other one is evil?”


Fabled Kingdom is a fairy-tale inspired fantasy story aimed at young adults. It’s a subversive take on a mish-mash of fairy tales, but at it’s core, it’s a story about a girl who goes on a quest to find a mystical “fabled kingdom” to uncover her true identity. It’s a tale of adventure, humour and discovery that has a dash of romance, magic and action.

Fabled Kingdom is 3 volumes long, with the first 2 volumes available online.


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Rated: T for Teens. Ages 10+.
Languages: Czech edition by publisher Zanir (vol1, photos)
Audience: There is action, but no blood or gore in the story. It is a story written largely for teenagers, but which adults can also enjoy.
Read if you like: Subversive Fairy Tales mixed with Fantasy Adventure, like “The Princess Bride”. I was also inspired by “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” and “Game of Thrones”.
Awards: Shortlisted for the 2017 Ledger Awards, the Australian Comics Awards for Excellence.



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fk-storypic3The Story

Celsia is a ‘Red Hood’, a young healer training under her grandmother in a small village deep in the woods. Life is ordinary and uneventful, until a shocking truth is uncovered – her grandmother isn’t her real grandmother.

Forced to flee her village, Celsia son finds herself on a quest to seek her two trueborn grandmothers – both powerful queens of magical kingdoms. Accompanied by her childhood friend Quillon and the cheeky faun Pylus, her destination is the fabled kingdom of Fallinor, which was destroyed over 60 years ago… or was it?

fk-storypic4Series Information

Fairy-Tale Princesses X Politics‘ is the on-going theme of Fabled Kingdom. The story is less fairy-tales, and more bringing the world of fairy tales into a more complex society where the traditional role of women in fairy tales can be examined and rewritten. Fairy tales are traditionally centered on ideas of female submissiveness and fantasies (despite the large numbers of queens and princesses), which while fun, don’t have much relevance in the modern world. Conversely, there’s no reason why fairy tale princesses and queens can’t be rewritten to become powerful characters, with ‘power’ defined as politically, economically and militarily.

Fabled Kingdom is an on-going series, with the story being told in groups of 3 books. The first 3 books are self-contained, while the rest of the series will build on the original. As of now, there are plans to continue the series at an unspecified future date.