“The Dreaming” is available from Diamond again!

Just a quick post to let everyone know that “The Dreaming: Perfect Collection“, which is the omnibus edition of “The Dreaming“, is now available to be ordered from Diamond comics again. The book never quite went out of print – it just went out of distribution which made it near impossible for any bookstore to order. Now that it’s back in distribution, comic bookstores everywhere can order it through this handy code:

Sketches for “The Dreaming: Perfect Collection” books!

In the last post I made, I mentioned that I’d imported 20 copies of “The Dreaming: Perfect Collection” to sell at Brisbane/Sydney Oz Comic-Con (and later, at Ashfield Con). I managed to sell out all of my copies that month, and as promised, I did sketches for each of these books – 20 in total.




The photo quality isn’t great, unfortunately, but I no longer own any of these books since they’ve been sold, so this problem can’t really be amended. I’ve also totally taken to snapping photos of my drawings on my iPhone and uploading them onto social media, so I guess that questionable photo quality isn’t going away any time soon.

The good news is, there’s a lot more work-in-progress shots of what I do, which I post up on my Facebook Account, but also on the Sydney Comics Guild, a comics club based in Sydney whose members seem to like my WIP drawings a lot (and keep wanting to see more).


Fabled Kingdom News: Well, what do you know? Book 2 is done! Everything from the covers to the chapter covers to the table of contents. What ISN’T done is the proof-reading that I’ve hired someone to do – I’m still waiting for the proof-read chapters to come back from the proofreader(s). The good news is that I’ve got Book 1 proof-read too, and all the new corrections for book 1 are now up on Lulu and Amazon. I’ve also tweaked the covers for books 1-2, and I’ll post pictures up when I get book2 printed, which will be after I get the proofread version of it back.

“The Dreaming: Perfect Collection” For Sale at Oz Comic-Con!!

Hi all! I’ve imported 20 copies of “The Dreaming: Perfect Collection”! I’ll be selling them at Oz Comic-Con Brisbane/Sydney, which is this weekend for Brisbane and the next weekend for Sydney. I’m selling these books for $30 each, so drop by my table if you’re going to the shows!

As you all probably know, ever since the collapse of TOKYOPOP, these books have been near impossible to get in Australia without frightful shipping costs. I’m now looking into ways to fix this since there’s a demand for the books – so fingers crossed!

Fabled Kingdom: I’ve been working hard on “Fabled Kingdom”, and I’m now halfway through Chapter 14, which is the last chapter of book 2. I was hoping to get book 2 done before Oz Comic-Con in Brisbane and Sydney this year (see “appearances” above), but oh well… I’m not behind schedule, so no need to rush. Book 2 is still coming out in December this year, so no big deal.


The Dreaming – Repost

Purchase ‘The Dreaming’: You can buy the print version of ‘The Dreaming’ @ USD$14.99 at the RightStuf.com, and buy the e-books @ USD$5.99 at Comixology!
Hello all! It’s 2014, and it’s time to do a retrospective on the last 10 years of my career as a ‘professional comic-artist who works in an OEL-manga style.’ That’s a mouthful, but there’s no way that I will call myself a ‘professional OEL-manga artist‘ – that term is long dead and buried (not to mention rife with negative connotations.)
Anyway, I’m in a reflective mood, so there’s something I want to do: I want to share with you the first 2 volumes (out of 3) of ‘The Dreaming,’ my first ever published work. Since I’ll only be posting 2 volumes, if you want to read the rest, I suggest you buy it at the links above.
I’m also posting this on DeviantArt, SmackJeeves, MangaFox, Tumblr and sorta on my GoodReads blog (because why not).
I’ll be posting half a chapter every Friday at the listed places, until August. Meanwhile, I’m looking to do a series of industry posts talking about my time working as a professional comic artist who draws manga, and some of the difficulties in the industry right now. Look for it in the coming months!

Click on this page to read “The Dreaming“!


#1 New York Times bestseller!

A whole bunch of stuff to announce this month, thanks to Halloween. I’m currently working on “Odd Thomas” vol3, and at the end of this month, I’m heading off to Turkey for the Turkish International Book Fair, due to the Turkish version of “The Dreaming”. It’s going to be a fun trip and I’m looking forward to seeing some of the sights of Istanbul, as well as visiting some of the schools there for workshops and talks.

Then, onto the two Halloween-themed books I have that’s already out:


Odd Is On Our SideThe Dreaming - Omnibus


The first book is the next Odd Thomas book, “Odd Is On Our Side”, which came out the 5th October and is #1 on the New York Times Bestsellers list! Does that mean I can now use NYT #1 bestselling as a tagline? Fame by association. Conversely, when the first book “In Odd We Trust” came out, the NYT graphic novel list didn’t even yet exist.


#1 NYT Bestseller


Also, “The Dreaming: Perfect Collection”, which is all three volumes of “The Dreaming” series (plus a short story) combined into one big brick of a book. “The Dreaming” series was what got me the Odd Thomas job, so if you want to see what the fuss is about, then the “Perfect Collection” is a good investment.


More about “Odd Is On Our Side”
“Odd Thomas” is a series of books by the best-selling suspense author Dean Koontz, and centers around a psychic fry book who sees dead people. Odd is one of Dean’s most popular characters, thus prompting a few graphic novel prequels (with a few more in the works). The books are a mix of action, mystery and humour, and are suitable for all ages.

I’ve got to thank Dean Koontz for his wonderful characters, and Fred Van Lente for being such a fantastic script writer. This was my first time drawing to someone else’s script (second time was “Boy’s Book of Positive Quotations”), and you can’t ask for a better script than the one Fred penned. I also want to thank my toner Dee DuPuy, who is a way better toner than myself. And ofcourse my editor Betsy, agent Judy and Del Rey for making this book happen.


Panel from In Odd We Trust

From the first page of "Odd Is On Our Side", where Odd sits outside his house


More about “The Dreaming: Perfect Collection”
“The Dreaming” is a 3-volume horror-mystery series set in the Australian bush, about a series of student disappearances in a remote private boarding school. The series ran from 2004-2007, and this 2010 omnibus is a collection of all three volumes (plus a short story) into a single book. The series is suitable for teens aged 13 and up, and there’s no objectionable material in it (not even any gore).

You can read more about this series at my site. A movie’s in the works too.


Panel from "The Dreaming" Omnibus

From the short story, Millie's nephew.