Boy’s Book of Positive Quotations

Boys' Book of Positive QuotationsThe Boy’s Book of Positive Quotations
Publisher: Fairview press, 2009

From the best-selling Positive Quotations series comes the world’s most inspirational gift for kids! Part graphic novel and part advice book, this title includes inspirational quotations from the real-life heroes boys know and respect—-including rock stars, skateboarders, BMX’rs, surfers, graphic novelists, Hollywood celebrities, tech gurus and more.

This book includes 33 short comic illustrations by Queenie Chan, and is written by Steve Deger, a bestselling inspirational author. He is the co-creator of the Positive Quotation series, which has sold more than half a million copies and spent more than two years on the U.S. bestseller charts for reference, self-help, and young adult nonfiction.

Here’s a trailer created for the book. Check out the credits for this awesome video on this blog post:



Where to Buy

This book is also sold in a variety of places, including regular bookstores and online bookstores, and also Walmart. To buy it off Amazon, click here.


How I Came to Work on This

This book began early 2008, when I was contacted by Steve Deger, the man who wrote it and compiled all of the inspiration quotes within. He explained that he ran a company that specialised in inspirational books (especially for young children), and was interested in making this upcoming book, the “Boy’s Book of Positive Quotations”, a little bit more engaging to its audience. He had seen my work for Dean Koontz and liked it, and asked me to come on board, which I happily did. To me, it was a different kind of experience. Besides, I like to hover around self-help books when I visit the bookstore.

Steven sent me his scripts, which were all short one-page comics, culminating in an over-arching plot. This meant that it wasn’t a traditional story in any sense of the word (it is a book of quotations after all), but the target audience certainly loved the end result. If you know any young boys who would benefit from some inspirational quotes, but who aren’t big readers, this book will help keep their attention engaged.