Table of Contents: Being a Professional Manga Artist in the West

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Section 1: My Story – Being a Professional Manga-Style Comic Artist in the West

  1. Part 1: Introduction
  2. Part 2: My Publishing History
  3. Part 3: How I Got Started – Drawing my own Manga Series
  4. Part 3a: ‘The Dreaming’ Series (2004-2007)
  5. Part 3b: The TOKYOPOP Manga Pitching Process
  6. Part 3c: The Beginning of the End of TOKYOPOP
  7. Part 4: Working as a Manga-Style Comics Illustrator
  8. Part 4a: Manga was Either being Pirated, or Considered to be For Kids
  9. Part 4b: Dean Koontz and the ‘Odd Thomas’ Series (2007-2010)
  10. Part 4c: Manga Bit-Parts of Media Empires
  11. Part 5: Comics-Prose with ‘Small Shen’ (2011-2012)
  12. Part 5a: ‘I wanted 3 Days of Entertainment from a $10 Book’
  13. Part 5b: ‘Manga comes in BOOK form?!’
  14. Blog Aside: Never, Ever Work for Free. Ever.
  15. Part 5c: Mixing Prose and Comics
  16. Part 6: Taking Time Out to Wait a While
  17. Blog Aside: Does OEL Manga ‘Sell’ or Not?


Section 2: Getting a Manga Published

  1. Part 1: Introduction
  2. Part 2: Submissions
  3. Part 2a: Submission Policies
  4. Part 2b: Putting a Submission together
  5. Part 2c: Sending a Submission
  6. Part 2d: Getting a Rejection from a Publisher
  7. Part 2e: Dealing with a Rejection from a Publisher
  8. Part 3: Agents
  9. Part 3a: What is an Agent?
  10. Part 3b: Why do Agents exist?
  11. Part 3c: Where can a manga-style comic artist find an Agent?
  12. Part 3d: WARNING: Unscrupulous Agents and Scammers Exist
  13. Part 4: You got a Publishing Deal!
  14. Part 4a: Dealing with a Publishing Contract
  15. Part 4b: Firstly, What are you Selling to a Publisher when you enter into a Publishing Agreement?
  16. Part 4c: What is Copyright?”
  17. Part 4d: If I Sell an Exclusive License to a Publisher, How Long does that License Last For?
  18. Part 5: Getting Paid – Publishing Advances
  19. Part 6: Books Shipped and Books Returned (FINAL)