Small Shen is Finished!

But first, here’s an interview with me from the lovely Rowena Cory Daniells, a famous fantasy author. Fantasy authors unite! Also, I’m being featured in Cordite 39, the “Jackpot” issue!

I’ve also finished Small Shen, the prequel to Kylie Chan’s best-selling “White Tiger” Chinese fantasy series. I busted my spleen to finish it by the end of July, and now that I’ve finally made that date, I just feel exhausted. Not so much by Small Shen, but by having done House of Odd (the last Odd Thomas graphic novel) and this book back-to-back. The last time I did something similar was with The Dreaming v3 and In Odd We Trust (the first Odd Thomas graphic novel), and to be honest, I wasn’t as exhausted back then. I think that as I get older, my tolerance for stuff like this just goes down. (That said, what is it about the last book in a series that causes me to have to immediately start a new book in the next series?)

Small Shen will be out in December 2012!!

Either way, I’m going on a month long holiday, and will probably take a break, returning in September 2012. During this time, I’ll be reworking this site a bit, by integrating the front page with my tumblr account. WordPress is a good blogging platform, but I feel it just lacks the social component that a microblogging site like Tumblr has – so I’m attempting to change my front page to my Tumblr, while leaving all other aspects of the site as WordPress. How it’s going to work? I don’t know – I hope that the old site wouldn’t have to change too much.

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