Fabled Kingdom: Book 8of10 + Other News

The Fabled Kingdom book, Book 8of10, is now available on Smashwords. This is for book3, chapters 16-17 (of 21), and is available for USD$1.69 to read in PDF, EPUB or just plain HTML format.

Apart from that, I’ve not had any time to work on “Fabled Kingdom” this week – in fact, I have decided to suspend work on “Fabled Kingdom” for the month of June. This is because of the avalanche of work that’s been happening this month, that involves:

Massive June2016 Blowout:
1) The launch of “The BentoNet” on the 25th June. It’s finally here, folks!
2) The launch of “The BentoNet” library buying program. I’m already working on that for Ashfield Library!
3) My first art exhibition on the 25th June. Getting prints and frames done!
4) My second art exhibition on the 4th July. Prints done, doing frames myself.
5) Being special guest at Continuum 2016, a sci-fi con next weekend. See the sidebar!
6) Being special guest at Supanova Sydney, the weekend after. See the sidebar!
7) Getting the first 3 chapters of book 3 copy edited.

I’m really excited about doing art exhibitions for the first time, but the preparation work is unbelievable. It’s really time-consuming, and I don’t want to do a sub-par job on either my art exhibitions or on “Fabled Kingdom”. It’s a good thing I’m getting the first 3 chapters of book 3 copyedited right now, because this is the crucial home stretch, and copyediting at this stage can help spot logical errors and story errors before I do the last 4 chapters.

For that reason, I will have to delay the release of “Fabled Kingdom” v3 for up to 4 months, meaning that book 3 will be available in April 2016. I’m disappointed, but it’s for the better.

Cover for Book 3 of “Fabled Kingdom”!

Hi all! Long time no update – I’ve been busy, and this weekend, I’ll be heading off to ComicGong in Wollongong. Check the sidebar for more details on that – it’s going to be my first time at this con, so it’ll be interesting.

Fabled Kingdom v3: Well, here’s the cover. It’s a departure from the first 2 books (hey, it’s daytime!), but I like it. It may have a few changes before going to print, but it’s unlikely they’ll be big. Progress-wise, book 3 is still scheduled for December 2016, and I’ve currently finished Chapter 17 (out of 21). So, 4 more chapters left until the end!


The BentoNet Presentation @ ACAF in Canberra

I’ve been talking about “The BentoNet”, which is my online comics retail hub for Australian Comics for a while now. This weekend, I finally get to give a live demonstration at ACAF in Canberra!

The talk will be FREE, and it’s on Saturday 20th February @ 4:30pm – 5:30pm, at the Novotel Hotel in Canberra.




The BentoNet is online now and works fine (the picture above is of the main page, shrunk down from its original size so you can see more in a screen cap), but the idea of live demonstrations freak me out a bit. In case things go wrong, I’ve got the system installed on localhost on my laptop, which will be on standby. Let’s hope everything works out fine on the day, and that the Gods of Tech will be smiling on me.

Legally Comics: Apart from that, I’ll be on a panel about comics and legal issues with a group of distinguished guests (Julie Ditrich, Bruce Mutard and Jason Franks). This panel will be for professionals and amateurs alike, and we will tackle all issues relating to copyright, contracts and professional rates thereof. This panel is on Saturday 20th February @ 11:30am-12:45pm, and it’s $30, so make sure you book your tickets!

Sunday Markets: Sunday will be market day, where I’ll be shilling my books at my table. Drop by and see what I’m up to!