Cover for Book 3 of “Fabled Kingdom”!

Hi all! Long time no update – I’ve been busy, and this weekend, I’ll be heading off to ComicGong in Wollongong. Check the sidebar for more details on that – it’s going to be my first time at this con, so it’ll be interesting.

Fabled Kingdom v3: Well, here’s the cover. It’s a departure from the first 2 books (hey, it’s daytime!), but I like it. It may have a few changes before going to print, but it’s unlikely they’ll be big. Progress-wise, book 3 is still scheduled for December 2016, and I’ve currently finished Chapter 17 (out of 21). So, 4 more chapters left until the end!


Chapter 14-15 of “Fabled Kingdom” is out now!

Well, well. This has arrived quicker than I thought. I’ve powered into book 3 of “Fabled Kingdom,” and I have about 6 chapters to go. I’m halfway through Chapter 16 as we speak. SInce book 3 is due at the end of this year (December 2016), I’ve certainly got plenty of time to do the book. Books 1-3 of “Fabled Kingdom” is a self-contained story, so it’ll be neat to get it done and out!


Chapter 14-15 of “Fabled Kingdom” is out as a PDF: You can buy it on Smashwords. It’s an odd book because Chapter 14 belongs to book 2, while Chapter 15 belongs to book 3. Either way, it doesn’t matter. Interestingly enough, SW has also upped

Working the Self-Publishing Tutorials: I’m SLOOOOWLY getting this done, and SLOOOOWLY putting up a bunch of tutorials on DeviantArt. I’m doing a self-publishing workshop on Saturday the 13th February 2016 for the Sydney Comics Guild, which is from 11:30-1:30pm at ArtSHINE gallery near Central Station. It’s an “Intro to self-publishing” workshop, so it’ll be pretty basic, but valuable to those who may not know much about the subject.

Attending ACAF: As you may know, I’m currently working on an online retail hub for comics, and I’ll be showing the system off at the Australian Comic Arts Festival. The ACAF is at the Novotel Canberra, and runs from the 20-21st February. I’ll be there talking on a number of panels, but most of all showing off the BentoNet, the name of my system.

Fabled Kingdom – Book 2 is OUT!

Hey all! Book 2 is out now, and available on Amazon and Lulu. You can also get the Amazon Kindle version – check out my store for more details!

Book 2 is 226 pages long, black & white, and has chapters 8-14 in it.

For those who are wondering about the cover change, it’s because I got both the books professionally proof-read and copy-edited. The intention is to provide a more professional product, which I think is necessary. Quality control is important, and spelling/grammar errors, while impossible to completely eliminate through editing, should be kept in check as much as possible.


Latest News: I’m now halfway through writing Chapter 15 – I’m hoping to get it done by the end of November so I can start drawing it in December. I’ve also been exploring IngramSpark as a publishing platform lately, and is looking to create a startup to explore print-on-demand and bookstores. More on that in December, but hopefully book3 will be speedy!