Fabled Kingdom v2 Shortlisted for the Ledger Awards!

Exciting news! “Fabled Kingdom” v2 got shortlisted for the Ledger Awards, which is the Australian comics industry award for excellence. It was a handful of books chosen out of about 200 entries, so this is a good thing for the “Fabled Kingdom” series of course (all three books). It’s also helpful at conventions (and elsewhere) for advertising reasons, so I decided to make some printable placards to and book bands for this.

Here’s what they look like:

Other News: As for what else I’ve been doing, I’ve just finished a short colour kids mini-comic called “Counting Sheep” and printed it. Let me just say that at 14-pages long, I’ve still yet to nail down this colouring thing, since I’ve noticed that the colours were different on my monitor and on my printer. Best to do more research on this. Also, my short 20-page horror story “Mother and Son” seems to need a bit of a workover because of mild pacing issues at a particular point in the story, so I’m looking at that soon to see if that can be smoothed over.

VR Painting: Using the HTC Vive

Just wanted to show off a doodle I did in Google Tiltbrush, a virtual reality painting program. This was done at Mod Productions at Suite 25, Level 2, 647 George Street Haymarket Sydney NSW 2000. You can book them to do virtual reality sessions (hourly).

Painting in 3D is really a different thing completely to painting in 2D. I’m not sure there is much application for comics in this space, but I’m interested in 3D modelling in VR, especially because 3D modelling on a computer screen is a nightmare. I’ll be going back to Mod Productions to play around with the VR headsets more in the future!

“The Dreaming” is available from Diamond again!

Just a quick post to let everyone know that “The Dreaming: Perfect Collection“, which is the omnibus edition of “The Dreaming“, is now available to be ordered from Diamond comics again. The book never quite went out of print – it just went out of distribution which made it near impossible for any bookstore to order. Now that it’s back in distribution, comic bookstores everywhere can order it through this handy code: